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Stump removal mistakes

One problem that I often see (or get called out to fix) is a stump that was removed improperly. Most of the time, the stump removal contractor did not grind the stump low enough, leaving it flush with the ground around it. This is a simple fix, as the stump only needs to be ground down further. However, sometimes I receive a call about the opposite problem. If you are trying to plant grass in the spot where a stump was, it is important to leave some of the stump mulch in the hole, otherwise the topsoil later added will act as a sponge, and will soak up so much water that the grass will rot, and a bare spot will appear in the lawn. That is why it is critical to only add around 3-4" of topsoil when preparing an area for seed. Furthermore, the stump mulch underneath the layer of topsoil is excellent for drainage, preventing mold and rot, while adding vital nutrients to the soil.

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