Emerald Ash Borer Treaments

The invasive Emerald Ash Borer was introduced to Western Pennsylvania in 2012. Since then, it has devastated native Ash trees across the state. Without treatment, 99% of native Ash trees infested die. Luckily, systemic tree-trunk injections of pesticides such as Mectinite have been found to be up to 87% effective at eliminating infestations, and lasts up to 2 years between treatments. Additionally, depending on the size of the tree and extent of the infestation, treatments can be as little as 1/5th the price of a tree removal! Click here to learn more about trunk injection pesticide treatments!


Spotted Lanternfly Treatments

The Spotted Lanternfly is another invasive species that was introduced to the United States in 2014. First found in Berks County, the Lanternfly has been found (as of 2020) as far south as Virginia, and as far north as Connecticut. An infestation can not only be a nuisance (or downright disgusting), but young trees or trees under stress (such as during times of drought) can be killed by the pests. Trunk-injections of pesticides such as Dinotefuran have been found to be extremely effective at controlling Spotted Lanternfly infestations. These insects are voracious sap-suckers, and are killed shortly after ingesting sap from treated trees.


Soil Fertilizer Injections

Traditionally, fertilizers have been applied to landscapes via a "broadcast" method, spreading a relatively even amount of fertilizer across the entirety of the landscape. However, treatments of this nature can be harmful to the environment (due to leaching of excess fertilizer into the water table) and wasteful (significantly more fertilizer is needed to achieve the same results as the injection method). Soil root injections are a cost effective, and more environmentally friendly way to encourage the growth and vigor of the trees and shrubs in your landscape. In this method, small amounts of liquid fertilizer are injected directly into the root-uptake zone, minimizing chemical leaching while providing your plants with the nutrients they require!